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Slickwraps Macbook Pro Hemp skin review

2017 Macbook Pro

The back story

 Back in November of 2017 I purchased a 2016 Macbook Pro with Touchbar. I was on the market for a new laptop and found a pretty good deal on the 2016 version of the Macbook Pro with Touchbar (256gb) for $1599, retail is/was $2399. So I went ahead and made the purchase. I also bought an HP Spectre X360, but I will talk about the comparison of the two and why I decided to keep the Macbook Pro and return the HP Spectre in another blogpost. The 2016 Macbook Pro had multiple problems and being a first time Mac user I was very concerned. So I went online to see if the problems I was having were unique or common for that particular model. After researching the issues I was having and sending the Macbook in for multiple repairs I was finally able to convince Apple to send me a new one, they sent me the 2017 version and to this day I haven’t had a single problem.

Spending that much money on a laptop really defines it as an investment. With a high resale value (as long as kept in good condition) the Macbook Pro can retain it’s value much better than othe branded laptops. And so the search began on finding a nice case or skin to protect my “investment”

The search

After checking out and reading reviews on a large amount of cases and skins available for the Macbook Pro I came to a few conclusions on what would be the right fit for my use case. First of all, it became clear that a hard case was out of the question for me. Because I use a Thunderbolt adapter that does not have a cable and hangs on the side of the computer. Which means I would either have to remove the case when wanted to hookup peripherals like my monitor or a usb flash drive, or I would have to modify the case. So I decided to start checking reviews on laptop “skins”.

After reading reviews and watching several YouTube videos I had narrowed my choices down to two companies, Slickwraps and Dbrand. What I was looking for in a skin was something that looked like it belonged on the computer, I didn’t want something flashy or bright, I wanted something that was a solid neutral color, fingerprint resistant, full protection including the mouse pad and looked good. The Slickwraps Hemp skin was an easy choice to make, it was exactly what I was looking for.


I recieved my Slickwraps skin a couple days after ordering and inspected the package, everthing seemed to be in order, nothing was creased or torn, so I cleaned up my Macbook and prepared for installation. Trying to get a perfect fit with any skin can be difficult and time consuming, this skin was no acception. I wanted a perfect install. Most of the video reviews and web reviews I’ve seen of laptop skins look haphazard and rushed. So I decided to take my time and apply the skin slowly. It took me about an hour before I was satisfied. I had to install the top 3 times before I had it perfect, the bottom was close to perfect on first install but close wasn’t good enough, so I re-installed it as well. Surprisingly, the hardest part to install, the area around the keyboard, was perfect the first time, which is good because with the strength of the adhesive it most likely would have torn if I had tried to tear it off and reapply.

The review

This skin has been installed on my Macbook for about 3 weeks now and overall I’m very happy with it. It looks amazing, has a nice texture to it that resists fingerprints. It’s very easy to keep clean and is fairly durable. The only problem I’ve had is a slight peel above the keyboard where the monitor meets the case (see picture) other than that I really don’t think there is a better laptop skin on the market. As for long term durability, only time will tell.

Price is something to consider. The Slickwraps Hemp skin is $49.99 which is a little pricey for a laptop skin in my opinion. But Slickwraps has regular sales of %30 to %40 off. So if you are looking to get this skin I highly suggest you be patient and get it when it’s on sale.

In conclusion. I definitely recommend this skin to anyone that wants to make their Macbook Pro or laptop look great while also preventing scratches and wear and tear. If you are interested in buying this skin please support my site by using the link in the article. Thank you.

Disclaimer – I was not paid or sponsored for this review. I purchased the Slickwraps Macbook Pro Hemp skin.

Slickwraps Hemp Macbook Pro skin


Fit and finish










The Good

  • Precision fit
  • Quality Material
  • Fingerprint resistent
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks outstanding

The Bad

  • Time consuming Installation
  • Long term durability questionable
  • Peeling
  • Price

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